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Al Pot Petit


Borosilicate collection


Al pot petit celebrates the versatile functionality of glass and presents food preparation as an experience worth appreciating. The collection, inspired by traditional cooking techniques, is presented as a set of borosilicate pots that showcase and make use of its different qualities. Portions of 1 or 2 servings are the principles that shape the size of different cooking pots, which respond to a wide range of applications including open and hermetic preparations.

Glass is a wonderful material that has been used for ages in the kitchen. Glass cookware is safe, and a big example of it are the Pyrex pots.Borosilicate glass, when tempered, can withstand high temperatures, even be flame proof. In addition, glass is rust free and free of chemicals, so it is non reactive with the ingredients it gets in contact with. It is also non porous therefore does not absorb any flavours, odours or toxicity of food.It is because of being inert that glass is such a great material not only for cooking but also for storing food or other conservation techniques like pickling or fermenting.

“Al pot petit hi ha la bona confitura” (Good jam comes in small jars) is a catalan proverb that defends quality over quantity. This collection is driven by a longing for slowness, for the small ritual, for detail and craft.

The pieces have been produced by glass worker Ad Waterschoot in Eindhoven. 

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