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Family Tree

Tapestry series

Lucas Muñoz Muñoz


¨Two big tapestries hang from the walls of Mo de Movimiento, the latest project by the designer and artist Lucas Muñoz. These are half of the four that will hang one day here. They have been hand tufted by Inés Sistiaga, textile Spanish artist and designer, who also collaborated with Lucas in other textile areas of the project.


The concept of these almost 9m2 panels works around the translation of narratives and data produced during the construction of the space. One represents a doodle thick line which trace can be read as the history of encounters and relevant challenges and decisions that took place during the project’s development. The other one, hanging today, is a cloud of small rectangles, each of them representing a person that has been related to the process of creation of this project; here, builders, plumbers, electricians are represented together with designers, owners, architects or advisers. The two textile panels that are yet to be tufted, will translate the social and material footprint of the project, and the relative distances of all food suppliers.¨


Hand tufted in the studio with natural dyed Dutch sheep’s wool. Finished with “Latxa” wool from the Basque country in Spain.

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