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Iron Uniforms

Uniform design


A collaboration between Lucas Muñoz and Inés Sistiaga developed for the project Mo de Movimiento in Madrid. These uniforms are designed following the premises of less damage to the environment combined with functionality. 

Shirts are a key piece in the uniform. Since the most sustainable garment is that which has not to be produced, these shirts are all second hand purchased from different local sources. All of them with different patterns and prints, where acquired in light colours and then dyed naturally with iron by the experts of Atelier Aletheia in Madrid. The iron dye used to color them was extracted from nails removed from the demolition leftovers of the space. The color gives uniformity to all different shirts.

Aprons and trousers were exclusively designed and produced in Spain for this project. Aprons materiality responds to their performance, thus, they are made with wax coated organic cotton which makes them easy to wipe clean, saving on daily laundry and hence in water consumption.

Trousers are made with an interlock knitted polyester fabric, since its long term performance is higher and more reliable. To avoid micro plastic emissions during their wash, the restaurant has been provided with special filtering washing bags.

All inner T-shirts are supplied by Organic Cotton Colours, a company in Spain that works with family small owned rain water cotton fields in Brazil. The kitchen shirts come from Older Paris.

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