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The Trip collection

Tapestry series

2020 - ongoing

In The Trip Collection I think on wool, exploring the colour and materiality of this material in graphic compositions that represent nothing more than my hand movements while intuitively doodling. I see them as fast paintings that get painstakingly translated to thread; lines that belong to hand movements scaled up to textile tapestries. I compare the creation of these panels to going for a walk without destination.

This lack of rigour disappears when I start making, tufting them in my studio in Madrid with a yarn gun. The physical effort and focus, that this process requires, feels like a mantra to me. The sound and movement of the machine, the speed and tension of the yarn, and the hand drawn limits that mark the composition are what this symbiotic trip, between me, the material and the machine, is about.


Hand tufted with natural dyed Dutch sheep's wool.

Finished with "Latxa" wool from the Basque country in Spain.

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