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Uni forms

Uniform design


A concept of school uniform that enhances the benefits of its use and alters the strict character of its nature. Exploring its codes and meanings, the purpose is to adapt its values to the multicultural western education context, where diversity is celebrated and the freedom of the individual becomes important, as well as ideals, beliefs and expression tend to be more respected.


Uniforms are not only about utility and practicality, but they also have the ability to govern the subconscious. Who dresses uniforms stops being one and becomes part of a group. These garments represent a symbol of common ground. Blurring economic, cultural or social indicators and promoting equality among all children. The shapes and patterns are developed as a set of options, breakable grids that provide a tool for personalisation. Designed for a child, they comply with the appropriate comfort and allow freedom of movement, in addition to being durable and resistant.

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